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Aspire Nautilus X Coils

Aspire Nautilus X Coils

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Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Coils

The Nautilus X coil by Aspire has been designed for use with the Aspire Nautilus X Tank, Nautilus XS Tank and compatible with the Aspire Rover X Kit and Aspire Rover 2 Kit. This vape coil is available in 1.5 ohm resistance has been designed for mouth to lung vaping (MTL).

Nautilus X Coils

The Aspire Nautilus X adopts the Aspire U-Tech coil technology. Like the PockeX Coils, this coil features a U shaped chamber for the airflow to pass by the kanthal coils twice before being inhaled, increasing the flavour for a truly tasty vape.

Aspire Nautilus X coils are available in 1.5ohm resistance for a more discreet vape with medium cloud production. The 1.5ohm resistance coil is designed for mouth to lung vaping. (MTL). These coils are ideal for beginner vapers looking for a cigarette-like vape. These coils don’t produce massive vapour clouds perfect for stealthy vaping on-the-go. We would recommend using 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids with these coils, like Simple Essentials and Dinner Lady 50:50, for the ultimate vape.

Aspire Nautilus X 1.5ohm nichrome coils are best vaped between 14W-20W for best performance and ultimate satisfaction.

Aspire Nautilus X coils work in a variety of vape tanks and vape kits.

Devices Compatible with Nautilus X Coils

  • Aspire Nautilus X Tank
  • Nautilus XS Tank
  • Aspire Rover X Kit
  • Aspire Rover 2 Kit

Nautilus X Coil Construction

Aspire coils are built differently and are made with the finest materials designed to last longer. Some of our customers would say “Aspire make the best coils available”.

This is a GENUINE Aspire product with scratch and check panel on the back of the box which can be verified at

What is Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping?

MTL vaping is a style of vaping most similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. When you inhale, you first draw the vapour into your mouth, then inhaling it into your lungs.

What is Ohms?

The electrical resistance of a vape coil, head or atomiser is measured in ohms. MTL coils have a resistance of 1.0ohm and above, sub ohm vaping is when the resistance of a coil is below 1.0ohm. Higher resistance coils require less power from your vape kit, lower resistance coils require more power.

Benefits of Higher Ohm Coils
  • Closely replicates a real smoking sensation
  • Slower battery drainage
Aspire Nautilus X U-Tech coil technology | Nautilus X Airflow Diagram
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